Mend, the App to Get Over Your Ex

A heart break is never easy, wether you were the one breaking hearts or the one with a broken heart. There are many reasons for a relationship to end, cheating, distance, religion, list goes on, but at the end of the day, you are alone, left to deal with the lost of a partner. You can be a person who lets “time heal all wounds” or stalk your ex on social media. It’s ok, I’ve been there. If you have time to open an app and watch your ex’s story you have time to get the f*ck over them with a cool app, Mend.

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Now I know most of you are skeptical about how an app can possibly help you get over your Ex. That’s where I come in, I went ahead and tried it for a whole week for you guys. Here are things you should know and my experiences.

First off….. What is mend? 

Mend is first and foremost a self care app to help you get over your ex. In the process of getting over them, the app aims to help you come to peace and be able to grow from a break-up. The app will asses your heart break upon opening it up with some questions:

  • When was the break-up? When was the last time you had contact with your Ex?
  • What was the reason?
  • On a scale of 1-5 how much did it impact your everyday activities.

Mend sets you up with daily audio messages roughly 2-5 minutes long based on your personal experience and in-app journaling after each session. All you need is your phone and a willing attitude.

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My Week Using Mend 

Full disclosure, I haven’t actually been in a relationship in a couple of years, but I had a man that I spend a large sum of time getting to know, for the ease of it we will just call him “Ex”. Time really wasn’t on our side and eventually distance is the reason why we never worked out. I never dated him, but the pain of losing him was still there and the love for him was still very real. As a really busy person Mend did a terrific job easing me into each session.  The audio messages were brief and I did it ever night before bed, the whole daily process of Mend took no more than 8 minutes out of my day. Basically it was heartbreak healing 101 for a busy person.

Initially I thought I had already moved on from “Ex”, but the app drew out feelings and habits like checking his instagram all the time that I really wasn’t aware of doing. If it wasn’t for the journal questions after each session I would’ve stopped day one. The entries really made you reevaluate why things ended with this person in the first place and what I was willing to do to get past it.

Day Five had the one of the toughest journal questions for me: “Will You Find This Again?” If I could take away one thing from the app, it would be that one question. Will I be able to find that same feeling and spark again, and if I’m honest, I won’t. Everyone I meet in life brings value to my life and indeed he was unique. Just one week after using this app, I stopped checking up on my “Ex” on instagram and focused more on the people who were physically around me and always communicating with me. My love for my  “Ex” will always remain, but I was slowly starting to the f*ck over him.

One week probably isn’t long enough to get over your ex, but it will most definitely help you realize all the toxic habits you are doing to prevent yourself from moving on.  So go ahead, try a crazy app that claims to mend your broken heart. Try it for a week or try it until you’re over them. I know heartbreak isn’t easy for anyone no matter how good you guys are at acting. If you’re willing and wanting to care for yourself, do it, download the app and try it out for yourself.

(This is only available for iOS products, sorry android users, do better.  Just Kidding.)