Fully Fitted for Spring & Summer

Warmer weather is approaching and it’s time to clear out the winter clothes and make space for those summer fits. Instead of dropping a check on something you’ll wear to the BBQ/pool party once or twice, invest in some staple piece that will carry you through the hot & sweaty months. Spring time is blossoming with life and color, you should be too! Here are 4 things you should try to look fully fitted while still making rent.

1. Rectangular Sunglasses

Small circular frames is an iconic mid-sixties look, but 2019 is the year to spring into something new and fresh. Don’t throw away those stylish lenses, instead add to your arsenal of shades for a sunny place. Rectangle frames are a must have in your bag and an easy way to get out of your comfort zone. These frames add a little bit of high fashion symmetry and color to your laid back casual fits, keeping things hot while you simmer down.

@crapeyewear @sunnei

2. PVC Bags

From the pool to the party, PVC bags will keep your things dry while making your fit drip. Rainy days or pool side chilling these bags will add a subtle edge to your outfits throughout the warm months. You’re going out more and wearing less, so why shouldn’t your bags. Mini transparent bags are one way to add a little uniqueness to anything you wear, something you could wear well past the warm months. Minimize what you carry while still making a statement.

@urbanoutfitters @nanananaofficial

3. Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts are nothing new, they will never fail you when it comes to comfort. Basketball shorts, sweat shorts, swim shorts, all the shorts are no brainers for the toasty weather. Instead of going with your basic colors, put some patterns or colorful splashes to brighten the new season. Try out some longer shorts to draw out the tomboy side while adding femme touches to top it off. Shorts keep you cool and keep you moving, so show those legs off, it’s been a long winter!

@urbanoutffiters @prada

4. Denim

If you don’t have a denim jacket in your closet then your closet isn’t complete, and I’m here to tell you it’s time to invest. Dark denim is the perfect transition piece from winter into spring. This outerwear keep you warm on those bi-polar spring days and chilly summer nights. Dark denim or colored denim jacket can dress you up or down, perfect for a day to night transition. Make sure you have a very good quality jacket that fits YOUR personal style. Denim jackets are meant to last you for years and an easy addition to any outfit, a must have year round!


Whether thrifted or name brand, having one or two of these pieces will be sure to add some pop to the season.

Feeling inspired? Write in the comments below or follow me on instagram @not.angg and share your Spring/Summer fit inspirations no matter your true pronoun or gender identity.