Inadapté, that’s his influencer name, strip it all down and you get, garçon bleu. The first thirty year old that I’ve made love to. His skin is pure and soft, his mustache is nicely trimmed, his bags are deep and gives him character, hair soft and slightly dyed, tall, handsome with a smile so genuine. His kisses lock me in and I’m mesmerized. He makes my body feel like none of these men do. A master in the art of foreplay. Every inch of my body held and caressed with his gently hands. I’m not the turntable, but he’s about to make a body spin with touches setting a blaze on my skin. Kisses so soft and passionately all over my body, the right keys are being turned. My little lemons are put on a pedestal as he kisses and sucks them to let me know he knows just what I want. I’m small in size but he guides me on top, grinding on each other as it starts getting hotter and harder between us. An unselfish man, taking it off for me as he lays me down kisses my inner thighs before he hits the cherry. He doesn’t go to hard, he knows just where I want to be kissed, right there. A beautiful sight, a more beautiful feeling. This is how a man makes love and we haven’t even started. I want to make sure he feels just as much pleasure as he is giving me. Let me see what you’re working with and let me feel it get harder as I go deeper. Spitting all over it so you know I want you to feel just as good, make it go deeper until tears flow out. You are my King for the night so I will suck it up and down as I hear you moan, the song of my hidden sexual desires. I’m ready, I’m waiting on you baby. It’s a little tight, I’ve been waiting for someone like you to come by and tear me apart, be gentle with it. Flip me and fuck me until you reach the bottom. “Take it”, I will… my muscles relax as you reach my inner walls. Passionate lover of my day, how are you making my streams flow like this. I give you my body. Fuck me again, put me on top and I’ll show you how fast I can make you cum to your senses, I won’t be mad. You hold me so tight after making me feel like the dirtiest girl ever. Kiss me, hold me, remind me that I might just be a body, but for tonight I’m yours. Wake up and try again, this time a little longer. Forget foreplay, just rough and quick. Put me on my side and watch me shake it for you. Sex with you is something I’ll always remember. It has made me float through a daze since I first met you. My lovely, if we meet again, our bodies will remember how we in synced we flowed, but for now you leave me. This is how cruel the universe is, but this is how it was meant to be.