IMG_0269“Fuck, that’s my train!”. I shuffle through the crowds of people and down a flight of stairs to catch the C train back to Brooklyn. My scarf tailing back behind me as I run and jump down some stairs. I slide into the train just in time, barely catching my breath. As I scan for a seat my eyes lock with a tall man with a perfectly trimmed mustache and a tamed beard, but his hair wild like fire held back by a black bandana. My feet start moving towards that empty seat beside him. When I’m seated, the smell of lavender and peaches emanate from the woman to the left of me. I’m observing her making list of things she observes as my song began to play in my ear “….would you fly, would you fly with me…..”. Her smells send me into a calm and the heat of his leg on my right starts to warm my body ¬†“…would you like to go, like to go with me..”. The metro slowly fades from my view and my mind and body is drawn into the prison of my fantasies.

The winter layers begin to strip from my body, revealing my soft and silky skin covered by only the covers of the sheets. A loud pounding like bass starts getting louder and closer to my bed side. He appears, the perfectly trimmed man, exposed. My body starts to warm as he crawls onto the bed with me. Getting closer and hotter. His strong but gentle hands caress my waist and like a switch my body melts into his palm and we become synced. His kisses trail from my lips, down my neck, and lock in on my breast, sucking and kissing them at his leisure. I embrace him as I kiss his neck, hearing him moan, kiss down to his shoulders, kissing his tattoos right before I stop. There is someone outside my gates. The sound of the bass booms again, loud and deafening right outside the enterance. Once again, our eyes lock and his soft brown eyes speak. “Baby, let me in, it’s cold outside and I need to feel your warmth.” He pushes in gently while using his gentle strong hands to run them along my things before gripping them tight and pinning them against the bed. “I’m yours” I whisper into his ear as he thrust slowly in me preparing my walls to handle him. “Use me” my back arches as I feel his length reach the end. I submit to him. My body and passion starts to burn like the wildfires of his hair. This body of mine is burning up as his strokes starts to go deeper and faster.

I melt. I’m melting into him like sweet ice-cream. The sweat drips from our bodies onto the sheets from our heat into a puddle of my waterfall. His hands grip tighter as he flips my body and digs his fingers into my ass, pulling me deeper onto his throbbing cock. My pussy is calling for him to go deeper, go harder, deep baby, deeper, harder. “I’m going to cum, slow down, I can’t take it”. Those strong gentle hands ¬†wrap around my neck and bend me backwards to find his lips. His kisses me and whispers into my ear, “take me, all of me”. My body tingles all over, my gates welcome him, my walls are pulsing for him, pulling him in. I’m about to climax, he’s moans out loud, he’s about to release all of his warmth inside me . “Baby I’m cu……..’This is Kingston Ave, next stop…'”.

I’m ripped away from my dream by the reality of my frustration. “Fuck”. I looked over to the man next to me. We looked passionately into each other’s eyes as if he knew my wild fantasies. I stepped off the train with his warmth dripping down my thighs as I walked back into the winter night.